SharePoint and Popfly integration — yes, really!

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Very interesting blog post over at the Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Team Blog from Mike Gannotti, a Microsoft Technology Specialist for SharePoint based in Raleigh, NC. entitled SharePoint and Popfly integration — yes, really!

When I first heard about Popfly I wondered how it might work with SharePoint.  The answer, as explained by Mike: very well!  My first specific thought was to embed Live Maps in SharePoint sites that have lists with address data, and that looks like it will be really easy using Popfly, probably without writing a single line of code.

I will be looking forward to demonstrating how this might work to quite a few of our clients.  I think that providing some visualization capabilities in otherwise mainly text-based sites will be of great interest to them, both to improve the representation of information, and also to improve SharePoint’s "stickiness" within their organizations. And if it is relatively easy (read: inexpensive), they will be even more interested. Now, all I need is that elusive invitation into the Popfly Alpha!


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