Popfly Launch

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Interesting post over at the Virtual Earth team’s blog about the launch today of Popfly.  It’ll be fun to get my hands on the add-in for Visual Studio to take it for a spin.

The tech world seems to be all caught up in Microsoft’s acquisition of aQuantive today. I hope the launch of Popfly doesn’t get lost in the shuffle!! Popfly [Pipes for the rest of us] was made public today, at least as an early alpha release. This is definitely a technology I’ll be keeping a close eye on as it’s loaded with potential. In a nutshell, its a visual environment for creating web applications, gadgets, or mashups, but that simplistic summary doesn’t do it justice. It scales well from the non programmer end of the spectrum all the way to a professional developer comfortable building applications. If you want a custom map on your website but have never written a line of code, Popfly is of interest to you. But if you’re a Visual Studio stud with 10 years of application development behind you, Popfly is still interesting and works in the environment you’re used to.

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