Flatland and Other Geometries

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Chris Webb had an interesting post the yesterday that reminded me of the book Flatland, which I read and really enjoyed many moons ago.

I read Flatland when I was a teenager in the 1970s studying geometry and many other things without understanding much of any of it.  The book fascinated me, and I went on (probably not because of it, but certainly in appreciation of it) to study Mathematics in college.  I even sometimes bring it up in my consulting engagements as a way to explain how different types think of their world and learn.  While there are different dimensions represented in the book, there are different learning styles, different socioeconomic exposures, different interests, different *people* we all have to deal with.  I’d recommend Flatland to anyone who wants to take a different slant on why we are all different.

Wait, this sounds more like an Amazon post, but I thank Chris for bringing this back to me.  I will post to Amazon, but think about checking out this truly great read!


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