CHM Help File problem: The page cannot be displayed

1 minute read

I’m doing some VS2005 development using a nifty tool called TallPDF.  It lets me build up a PDF from XML files from one of my clients (among other nice capabilities).  I ran into a silly problem, and thought that I should share some solutions to it.
I could open the compiled HTML help (.CHM) files that came with the evaluation version of TallPDF, but I got a security warning and when I clicked Open, the CHM index would display, but the right hand pane where the actual help should be said "The page cannot be displayed".
When I asked my colleague Nick Bisciotti what might be going on, he found this post that talks about fixing your security zones for CHM files.  Good solution, but it didn’t work for me.
Then I found another solution.  Initially, I thought that this one didn’t apply to me,either, because my file path didn’t contain a hash (#) symbol.  But scrolling down in the blog, I found my solution: pushing the "Unblock" button on the File Properties for the CHM file.  Like the other folks asking questions in the blog, I had never noticed that button before, but it fixed my problem!
Thanks to Nick, Harmeet, Nik, and Ali for the pieces to solve the puzzle…


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